Question: What House Is Cancer In Harry Potter?

What is Cho Chang’s zodiac sign?

Virgo7 Virgo – Cho Chang..

What Hogwarts house is Taurus?

HufflepuffTaurus is a Hufflepuff sign, yes, but they’re a Hufflepuff sign because they fit what a Hufflepuff actually is: hardworking, fair, kind, and patient.

What is your Hogwarts house percentage?

You Are 32% Gryffindor, 28% Slytherin, 24% Ravenclaw, and 16% Hufflepuff!

Is cancer a Hufflepuff?

Harry Potter: 5 Ways Cancer Are Typical Hufflepuffs (& 5 Ways They Are Not) The most basic traits of Hufflepuff house are fairness, loyalty, and hard work. The sign of Cancer, the crab, assigned to anyone born between June 21 and July 22, matches many of its traits to those of the house of Helga Hufflepuff.

Can a cancer be a Slytherin?

Slytherin – Water – Star Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio If you belong to Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio you have the typical personality traits of a Slytherin. The key words to describe those with Water signs would be sensitive and receptive. Out of all the houses, Slytherin is the least like their Element.

What zodiac signs are Hufflepuff?

So without further ado, here are the four Hogwarts houses and the zodiac signs they’re most like:Gryffindor: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.Hufflepuff: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.Ravenclaw: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.Slytherin: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.Sep 10, 2019

Can Libras be Gryffindor?

Libras, in their pursuit of balance and harmony, end up fitting in well in Gryffindor House in particular, in many ways exemplifying boldness and determination that sets the House apart. … If a Libra encountered the sorting hat, they might just find a home for themselves in Gryffindor – or not.

What is Draco Malfoy’s Patronus?

His Patronus is a dragon, since his name means dragon in Latin and he shows no particular fondness for any other creature. He could also have a white peacock Patronus, since Malfoy Manor has white peacocks at the entrance.

How do you know if you’re a Slytherin?

20 Signs that You’re the Slytherin of Your Group of FriendsYou heard more times than you can count that you’re ambitious (sometimes as good thing, other as a bad)You hate wasting time with nonsense and whining.Your trademark is an eye-roll or a pout.Resourcefulness is your middle name.You either find things fascinating, boring or a waste of time.More items…•Nov 7, 2016

What Harry Potter characters are cancer?

Known Cancers23 June — Dudley Dursley.28 June — Dobby.12 July — Ignotus Peverell.

Is Aries Slytherin?

Both those born under the sign of Aries and those who have been sorted into the house of Slytherin have extremely high expectations for themselves and others. They are capable of great achievements, so the only way to earn their respect is by reaching the highest bar that is possible to reach.

What zodiac sign is Harry Potter?

Leo8 Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom – Leo Leos naturally attract attention and tend to become quite popular within their social circles. They’re also loyal, brave, protective – but they can also be also arrogant, prideful and attention-seeking.

Are Libras slytherins?

The peacekeeping traits of a Libra can mellow the ones of a Slytherin that thrive for conflict, instead leaving all fiery interaction for when they will get something out of it. Slytherin Libras are often found in relationships, and if not at least flirting with most people they meet, even if not on purpose.

What Hogwarts house is Capricorn?

SlytherinCapricorns belong in Slytherin Capricorns want nothing more than to come out on top, making them undoubtedly one of the most ambitious zodiac signs. Their wisdom, cunning and patience gives them a serpentine nature- making them fitting successors for Salazar Slytherin.

Is Dobby a cancer?

1 Dobby – Cancer Dobby, everyone’s favorite house elf, was born on June 28th, which makes him fall under the zodiac sign, Cancer.

What zodiac sign is Cedric Diggory?

Aries: Cedric Diggory As an Ares, you are energetic, courageous, and passionate, but also have a tendency to be impatient, vain, and egotistic. As a Libra, Cedric is diplomatic enough to work with your fiery side, but the attraction between the two of you is hot enough to keep things interesting.

What house is Aquarius?

The twelve housesHouseRelated SignLatin motto8thScorpioMors9thSagittariusIter10thCapricornRegnum11thAquariusBenefacta8 more rows

Is Ravenclaw a cancer?

Ravenclaw is the house of Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang. … Looking at the sign of the crab in the zodiac and it’s clear Cancer would fit right in to Ravenclaw tower in quite a few ways, while a few personality traits might be a strange mix in the house of bronze and blue.

What zodiac sign is Ravenclaw?

CANCER9 CANCER – RAVENCLAW The intuition, imagination, and wisdom of those with the Cancer signs fit well into the House.

What Hogwarts house is Scorpio in?

Scorpio and Slytherin share the element of water. Of course, the interpretation and meaning of that element can mean a lot to different people. Still, there is no doubt that Scorpio is the most typical Slytherin of the water signs (the others being Pisces and Cancer) despite often getting confused with a fire sign.

Are ravenclaws loyal?

Loving and Loyal As we saw with Slytherin, Ravenclaw is much more than what meets the eye. Yes, Ravenclaws are generally brainy and often quirky (Sybill Trelawney and Luna Lovegood), but they are also wise and very accepting of others.