Question: Who Is The New Lucky Dog Host?

Who is the new guy on Lucky Dog?

Who is the new host of Lucky Dog.

New hosts Eric and Rashi Khanna Wiese will front Lucky Dog after Brandon announced that the 182nd episode of the show would be his last.

Eric Wiese is an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)..

How old is Brandon McMillan animal trainer?

43 years (April 29, 1977)Brandon McMillan/Age

Where is Brandon McMillan’s Lucky Dog Ranch?

It wasn’t until 2010 when Brandon opened a dog boarding and training center, Lucky Dog Ranch, which is located outside Los Angeles. That’s when he started training service dogs and therapy dogs.

Who is Brandon McMillan’s girlfriend?

Alanna LynnQuick InformationDate of Birth1977-04-29ProfessionAnimal TrainerMarital StatusSingleDivorced/EngagedNot YetGirlfriend/DatingAlanna Lynn7 more rows

Did lucky dog get Cancelled?

“Lucky Dog” premiered in the fall of 2013 on CBS Dream Team. … In 2018 he won another Daytime Emmy Award for “Best Host in a Lifestyle Series” for “Lucky Dog”. On October 24, 2020, he announced on his Facebook page the 182nd episode of the show would be his last as host.

Is there a real Lucky Dog Ranch?

Lucky Dog Daycare Ranch is a cage free dog daycare and dog boarding facility located on 23 acres of dog paradise. Development on “Lucky Dog”, where McMillan would rescue unadoptable dogs deemed “untrainable” from city shelters, rehabilitate them, train them and find them forever homes, began in the spring of 2013.

Does Brandon McMillan have a wife?

Because although Brandon is not currently married, he does appear to have a girlfriend. Her name is Alanna Lynn Polcyn — and it seems the pair have been dating since at least November 2015. In November 2016, Brandon shared an Instagram photo of himself and his girlfriend to mark their anniversary.

How much does it cost to get a dog from Lucky Dog?

Puppies, ages 0 – 1 year are $275. Dogs ages 1+ are $250.

Does Brandon McMillan have a dog?

“7 years ago I was approached by a production company that wanted to showcase my passion for saving dogs and training them for a purpose,” he captioned an Instagram photo of himself and a dog named Apollo, who started it all.

Why is Brandon McMillan not on Lucky Dog?

Brandon decided to part ways with CBS after he felt the show was not going in the same direction as he had hoped. In October, he took to Instagram to announce his exit from the show. “As the years went on big money started pouring into the show which meant more cooks in the kitchen making decisions.

How do I contact Brandon McMillan lucky dog?

To reach Brandon, visit:

What training treats does Brandon use on Lucky Dog?

Did You Know? Dog Trainer Brandon McMillan, host of CBS TV’s ‘Lucky Dog’ show uses and recommends Lucy Pet’s Hip to Be Square™ dog treats with his dogs.