Quick Answer: What Zodiac Sign Is Cedric Diggory?

What is Remus Lupin’s zodiac sign?

Pisces1 Ron Weasley & Remus Lupin – Pisces..

What is Viktor Krum zodiac sign?

Sagittarius4 Sagittarius – Viktor Krum.

What Harry Potter characters are Capricorn?

Known Capricorns31 December — Tom Riddle.6 January — Queenie Goldstein.9 January — Severus Snape.

What Hogwarts house are you zodiac?

Anyway, the evidence is clear—Hufflepuff is the house for earth signs, periodt. Ravenclaw is *for sure* the house most associated with air signs.

Is Draco Malfoy a Leo?

Draco Malfoy was born on June 5th, which puts him under the dynamic sign: Gemini. … Geminis are known for their ever changing personalities, and boy does this apply with Draco Malfoy! As much as Malfoy is one of the “villains” in the Harry Potter series, fans get to see a different side to him more than once.

What Hogwarts house is Scorpio?

Scorpio and Slytherin share the element of water. Of course, the interpretation and meaning of that element can mean a lot to different people. Still, there is no doubt that Scorpio is the most typical Slytherin of the water signs (the others being Pisces and Cancer) despite often getting confused with a fire sign.

Is Aries a Slytherin?

Both those born under the sign of Aries and those who have been sorted into the house of Slytherin have extremely high expectations for themselves and others. They are capable of great achievements, so the only way to earn their respect is by reaching the highest bar that is possible to reach.

What Zodiac is Cedric Diggory?

AriesAries: Cedric Diggory As an Ares, you are energetic, courageous, and passionate, but also have a tendency to be impatient, vain, and egotistic.

What star sign is Dobby?

Dobby the Elf: Cancer.

What zodiac sign is James Potter?

AriesAries men are known for being self-involved, as readers saw in flashbacks to the Marauders’ time in Hogwarts. Although he is egotistical, James is also extremely courageous and enthusiastic, as Aries men tend to be.

What was Draco Malfoys Patronus?

dragonHis Patronus is a dragon, since his name means dragon in Latin and he shows no particular fondness for any other creature. He could also have a white peacock Patronus, since Malfoy Manor has white peacocks at the entrance.

What signs are compatible with Draco?

Gemini: Draco Malfoy (Gemini) You need someone that will understand the way your mind works, Gem, and because of that, it might help to look for someone similar to you. I recommend: Draco Malfoy, a Gemini, because when paired well, individuals with the same sign resonate with each other on a deeper level than most.